Welcome to the Supernova Show!

Airing every day from the Middle Floor of Wassechia's Square Tower, presented and hosted by yours truly Ricktcher Supernova, here is the Supernova Show!

Watch The Supernova Show Here:

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Now for a quick Q&A section

What is the Supernova Show?

It is, has been and will be many things to many people. Right Now, The Supernova Show is both a Show itself and the essence and style I am intrinsic with

Where is the Supernova Show?

The Supernova Show is airing from the Middle Floor of Square Tower, Wassechia. If you wanna be part of the Audience, it's a bit tricky to get here. Contact me if you really want to (Being there doesn't cost money)

When does the Supernova Show air?

The Supernova Show airs 24/7, every day [24h cycle] at 12:00 MST, The Day Show begins, presented by yours truly, Ricktcher Supernova. The Day Show goes on for 14 hours, until 02:00 MST of the day after, after which the Night Show begins, presented by various hosts, changing every time (The Full List of The Supernova Show's Credits will be uploaded soon, this site is obviously WIP for now). The Night Show goes on for 10 hours, after which the cycle repeats.

Why does The Supernova Show air?

The Supernova Show is meant to be a Show comparable to a Livestream, We will have various hosts, we play many videogames, listen to music, read novels, books and poetry, review art and many more. The objective is to Entertain and be company.